Customer Testimonials

Carolyn Dunnett

Our basement was done a couple of weeks ago and I sent along our very positive review of the crew.

Now I just want to mention something about EZ Breeze. I used to have to constantly spray the house to get rid of dog-musty smells. Our house now smells soooooo fresh all the time. I couldn’t believe it when I first noticed. Its a whole new way of living!

Carolyn Dunnett

Jennifer Ball – Montpelier, Ohio 43543

What I like about Everdry is the fact that they stand behind their product. Each basement is different, with different issues, if the system needs adjustment, Everdry will come back out and do whatever it takes to keep my basement dry. The crew also goes above and beyond duty.

At the same time period that Everdry was out, I had had other issues with a sewage smell in my basement. A local plumber was called out the day before Everdry showed up, and the plumber told us what needed to be done, he asked Everdry if they could remove a section of theit outside system so the plumber could dig, and repair what needed done. Everdry agreed to do this since they would be out anyway. Turned out what the plumber had told us wasn’t even the problem. The ever dry crew came out and dug down exposing the swage line, and the line was perfect. The crew had a fiberoptic camera and ran it down my line from the outside and inside clean outs to show me that the line was in fact not tile, and was not broken, like the plumber had told us. The plumber also had a similar camera, but didn’t use his to run the extent that the Everdry team had done into my line. A member from the Everdry crew also recommended we get someone to run smoke down the line to see exactly where the leak was occuring because it wasn’t happening where our plumber thought. That only costed me $79, and to fix the real issue with a different plumber. The local plumber we had out first wanted to charge me over $500, and he wanted Everdry to dig the hole for him so he ddn’t have to do it. The Everdry team saved me a lot of money, and went above and beyond what was ever expected of them.

Everdry is a company that I trust. They have nothing to hide and nothing to gain themselves from showing me with their camera inside the line that the line in fact was not broken like the origional plumber had insisted, and the exposed sewage line outside. They didn’t like to see someone being taken advantaged of, and I am so thankful for the team right now. They took a lot of time out of their day to do as the plumber had asked of them and when they discoved what he had told me and them was untrue they came right to me with the news. I had them cover the hole and they reinstalled that part of the system. I got a different plumber to come out to get to the bottom of the real problem and fixed it.

I tell you what, the next house we buy we are having Everydry come and install their system if it doesn’t have the system in place already. It is money well worth cost, and the fact the the crews really do care about your home and the people who live there.

Jennifer Ball

Bill Bowser – Toledo, Ohio

I want to thank you for your outstanding service today (March 01). My sump pump was occasionally “sticking”, and, I called EVERDRY on February 28th, and, Tony set up an appointment for today, the very next day to fix the problem. The technician (unfortunately I did not get his name) arrived around 1 p. m., and, 30-45 minutes later he had installed a brand new pump for me. This is truly outstanding service from EVERDRY.

I will, and have, recommend EVERDRY to anyone who talks about having a water issue in their basement.

Thank you again, EVERDRY; Lisa, Tony, and the gentleman that installed the new pump.

Bill Bowser

Sandra Clark – Toledo, Ohio

I bought my house in 2006…a seemingly wonderful place, with full finished basement. Not long after buying, I began to smell a musty odor there…then began seeing black spots on the drywall near the floor. Like many people, I diligently diverted downspout water away from the house and kept my gutters super clean…but the problem only worsened.

In 2010, I finally had to act, as I could hardly stand to be down there. I met with Everdry. They pointed out that the cinder block actually soaks up the moisture, much of it from ground water (meaning the rain water diversion made little difference). They completely explained their patented system of remediation…one that, while extensive and quite messy…actually works!

I signed on to have them save my house from slowly crumbling from below, and in October 2010, they arrived to fix my long standing problem. The crew of 4 to 6 people were very nice – professionals who understand how awful it is to both have the problem, and to have to deal with the necessary mess of fixing it. They were both thorough and as clean as can be expected during the days long process.

When they finished, the basement smelled fabulous. I marveled at the system they installed that both diverts the water away from the foundation and funnels it into the newly installed sump area where it can be pumped out. They also had excavated (by hand!) around the perimeter of the house, installing a rain and seepage diversion system that means large snowy winters (like the one we’re ‘enjoying’ here in the 10/11 winter…) will not mean additional water problems in spring.

This process is not cheap. But quality comes at a quality price.

I am happy to recommend Everdry of Toledo to my friends and neighbors here in the area.

Sandra Clark
French Horn, Toledo Symphony

February 10th, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

When I agreed to the inspection, I really didn’t believe I had any major issues in my basement, e.g. no water seepage, etc. I thought however that the inspection might make me aware of some potential problems. After speaking with Kevin, I realized that I had some fairly serious problems; I just hadn’t been educated on reading the “symptoms.” More than the concerns related to saving the integrity of the physical house, I was struck my the fact that the symptoms may have been contributing to my compromised health, i.e. ongoing upper respiratory infections, allergies, wheezing, weeping eyes, etc. All of which I contributed to “something out there.” Never believing it may have been the problems in my own home.

I’m excited to see how your work will save my small gem of a home for future generation, but more so to see how it will improve my health. I don’t believe that things happen by circumstance. My being home post-surgery, allowed me to have this inspection done, and subsequent work completed. We’ll see how God will use your company to improve my life.

Thank you in advance,
Everdry Customer!

Ann S – Toledo, Ohio

Dear Sirs,

Our basement has been dry for one year now. What a joy!! This past spring when everyone in the neighborhood complained of water in their basements we WERE DRY!!!! For the eight previous springs we had been very wet – even more wet than surrounding neighbors when “flood” conditions were present.

Also, this fall our son did NOT get his usual bronchitis when the heating season started. Every previous fall (and yes we’d have the furnace cleaned & serviced every Aug./Sept.) Nathan would get sick. We wondered if it had been from mold spores from our damp basement.

We are very pleased and are more than willing to endorse your company.

Ann S
Toledo, Ohio

Everdry Customer

We are doing this because we are concerned primarily because of our health, especially our 8 month old daughter. Also we want to stop this problem now because we plan on selling within the next 5-10 years, and we know this condition may decrease our chances of selling. We also hate the way our basement looks and smells and we are so happy to be having this done, especially so quickly and can’t wait to see the finished job.

Everdry Customer

We decided to repair our basement at this time so we can enjoy it in the future. This came as an extra expense now, but we realize it will be a great benefit to both of us.

Once we discovered the severity of the water puddles, we chose to have the issue addressed. Upon having the basement inspected we discovered the extreme black mold concern. With this new concern and the rapid growth of the crack in the wall, we decided this is something that needs to take priority. I have severe allergies to mold and dust, learning how mold infested the basement we cannot leave it untreated. We chose to fix everything because it doesn’t make sense not too.

This was a big decision for us, but we know we made the right one.

June 24th, 2010

I called Everdry with concerns I’ve had since day one of moving into my foreclosure home. My basement has always had a horrid musty smell and riddled with creepy crawlers, but the day I moved boxes away from a wall and found black mold is when my obsession with my basement began. After dealing with water and bugs and cobwebs and black spots appearing more and more I knew I had to do something. The main reason is of course my health, and to protect my investment, as well as keeping the house around for a long time. I’m grateful for calling the “EverDry” number and feel secure in the decisions made today.

March 25th, 2010

To the Everdry Team:

Kevin has spent a good amount of time patiently explaining and diagramming very detailed plans of everything you are planning to do. He has walked us through and pointed out the problem areas in our basement that are of concern.

Key concerns?
For several years we have been concerned about water seeping through the mortar between the blocks of our basement walls. This has caused staining and flaking on several walls. We have also become more and more aware of various cracks, both on the walls and floor. We have had to purchase and rely on a dehumidifier to help get rid of the “musty basement” odor. We also have had, in the last couple of years, water seeping down one wall onto the floor.

Why are we getting this done?
We have potential plans to finish part of our basement into a more usable space for our grandchildren to play. Before we go further with plans to finish off the walls it became necessary to take care of these problems before they were hidden behind drywall. Kevin also pointed out that my husband’s chronic sinus infections may in great part be caused by mold, etc. from our basement. The cracks also indicate further problems with the integrity of our foundation and footings which could lead to greater problems down the road.

Why we chose EverDry?
We recently attended a home Builder’s Show where EverDry was represented. As we passed by the booth we stopped to enter a give-a-way and the representative asked questions about our current problems. We agreed to have someone come out and take a look. After talking with Kevin yesterday, we investigated EverDry’s reputation and processes online. Also, we talked with friends who had similar projects done and the need for correcting these problems in a timely manner. We feel we need to take care of this situation and EverDry has the program to handle our problems.

March 12th, 2010

It’s funny how things don’t seem so bad until you see them through someone else’s eyes. I knew that I had water issues down in the basement; however, I didn’t realize how serious they were. You go down, put a load of laundry, return to put them in the dryer, and basically ignore the rest of the area. Once in a while – like Christmas and holidays, you go to the other end of the basement and get out the decorations – again ignoring the walls, and floor.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, you look up and discover a huge crack in the wall, by the stairs, by the windows. And what’s all that black stuff covering the wall near the floor? Oh my gosh! The need is definitely there – and I am going to to have it taken care of – fixed. Hopefully, when things are finished and I will be able to enjoy the basement and not have to worry when the grandkids come about what they are breathing while writing on the chalkboard.

Thank you for your patience. I know it will be worth it when all is finished!

Glenn P – email

Subject: A note fro a Non-believer……..
Date: October 18, 2001


Just wanted to drop yo a quick note to say that I was WRONG (I very seldom admit that [ask my wife])!

But, I have to admit, the EZ Breathe System is everything you promised, and more.

I can’t believe how you saved me from making a very expensive (and wrong) decision to put central air/heat in my basement!

The EZ Breathe system is FANTASTIC – We noticed a tremendous difference within 24 hours and after 48 hours, the basement and the main floor of the house smell fresh and cleen…

Thank you, again!!!

Glenn P.

P.S. The grand unveiling to the neighbors is coming up shortly – expect a lot of referrals!

Everdry Customer

My wife and I have chosen Everdry for waterproofing our home basement because:

  1. We are concerned about maintaining a strong foundation.
  2. We are concerned about moisture in the basement (mold, must, condensation).
  3. We will sell our home in the future and we are looking for wise investments to increase the value of our home.

Another satisfied Everdry Customer

Mr. – We are doing this because of the mold issue. The water leaks and some times flooding when it rains hard. The other reason is to start being not sick all the time.

Mrs. – The reason I am wanting to have this job done on our basement is so that I can live longer and healthier. My fiancé and I have been together 8 years and we have both lost loved ones too quickly in life and it has made us realize we need to take care of ourselves while we are here on this earth. I want your men to know this job means a lot. I am switching from a large wedding to a smaller one just so I can have this done, so please help us to get on the road to a healthier life.

Another satisfied Everdry Customer

I would like my basement waterproofed for the fact that I love my home. When I first stepped into y home, I knew that this house was the one for my family and for that I want it to be around for many more years to come. The structure of the basement walls are I bad shape. I have mold (bad) growing on my beams. I want to enjoy my “whole” house, also the basement. I’m planning on staying here. I am tired of moving.